Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach to PR integrates artificial intelligence with a leading CRM platform to pitch hundreds of thousands of journalists at top outlets, all real time. We write all the content from scratch and get your approval prior to publication. In aggregate, our clients get millions of impressions each month and are based in over 90 countries representing countless industries. From Fortune 500s to startups, we’ve helped countless companies launch new products, elevate their brand and reimagine entire industries through powerful PR and communications strategies. That being said – all of our placements are guaranteed, we only offer publications that we get with 100% certainty get you placed on. We don’t work with publications we can’t guarantee.

Our proprietary software helps individuals, small businesses, publicly traded companies (the list goes on) get featured on top and major publications. We provide actionable insights that help you decipher your true ROI and provide you with a reputation score that helps you determine your brand’s true intrinsic value as measurable by PR.

It all depends on your business, budget, short- and long-term goals, and how you plan on using these placements. Please reach out for a free consultation.

It depends on the length of time it takes for you to complete the questionnaire, and how many edits it takes before an article is approved. Right now, our estimated time is about a 2 day turn around for publications like MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, and Bloomberg.

While we work with articles with high domain authorities, we do not track or monitor conversion rates. Unlike marketing, PR focuses on helping an individual or company build an online presence that will lead to credibility, authority, and trust amongst their readers, clients, investors, and colleagues.

Ultimately, it is up to the editor on what photos are used for the article, but we can submit up to two photos for each article.

Yes, we guarantee that they will be permanent. If for whatever reason they get taken down, please kindly reach out to us and we will repost it.

While we can send writing samples of our writers, due to NDAs to protect Imperium Group, our team, our writers, and the outlets/journalists we work with, we do not share examples unless otherwise authorized to do so.

Once we feel we would be a good fit for one another, we will invoice you. Once that is paid, we will send out a general questionnaire that helps our writers get a foundation of who you are and what you would like to focus on. We then pair you up with one of our in-house writers who then set up a strategy call if need be. During this call, you can go over specifics with your writer. The writer will then begin drafting your articles. During this time, we ask for you to give us a week as a turnaround time for the first set of drafts. We will then have you review. If any edits, we will take them into consideration. Once an article is approved, we will send it off to publication. Once it is published, we will also send you a live link of the published article.

Yes! Our copywriters work diligently to ensure that we get the messaging right in your draft. Once we get your completed questionnaire back it usually takes a few days to review, process and coordinate your draft (your status will always be updated promptly on your dashboard).

That isn’t a problem. All our placements include unlimited content revisions. We are all top-notch writers including our CEO, who used to be a writer himself. We will make sure you are satisfied, and we have your written approval before we publish the articles.

Yes - you absolutely may; however, in our experience unless you have a professional copywriter writing the article chances are it may get rejected. We can tweak your existing article based on the publication’s guidelines if you want us to use your article as well. Whatever you need, we will make sure the content is up to your standard, Imperium Group’s and ultimately the publications’.

Yes, on a case-by-case basis if a client is approved to work with us, we may opt to allow/offer a payment plan (usually for startups waiting an upcoming wire).